Amazing Lesson Plans for Preschool and Kindergarten thanks to interactive whiteboard

The Interactive whiteboard is a great learning tool for kids for all ages. But, it is especially great to use to try to teach little children like kindergarten and preschool children to learn. This is because they are learning by playing. And, it is important to make sure that learning is fun for them. There are not many tools out there that teachers can use to make learning fun. This is why the smartboard is so important to the teachers of preschool and kindergarten schools. Here are amazing lesson plans for these little one’s thanks to the interactive whiteboard.

Math’s lessons

With the smartboard teachers can make teach a whole lot more fun than working on the normal blackboard or the older version of whiteboard. There are a lot of learning games that teachers can use on the smartboard to make it more fun for the children. With these games, the children need to interact and “playing the games”.

They are thinking that they are just playing counting games, but in the meantime, the teacher’s using these games to help them learn doing all kinds of math’s. There are many different math games that a teacher can get online to help her with the lessons. There are games for counting, money counting, multiplication and detraction. And, all these games are fun to do for the kids. And a lot easier for the teacher to prepare the lessons.

Reading lessons

Reading lessons on the Smartboard can be done for all ages, but is especially great for the children that still needs to start reading, or to those who are really just beginners in reading. There are different types of reading lessons that you can get through the

Internet for the smartboard.

With different difficulty settings so that you can help those children in the classes that are a little bit behind. Those children don’t need to read the same words as those children that are great in reading. This helps the teacher even better to reach all the levels in her class to be able to help all her students.

Writing lessons

The Smartboard is also giving a lot of writing lessons that the teacher can use to help teach the kids to write. They will find it interesting and they will focus better on the lesson that the teacher prepared on the Smartboard than when she would write on the blackboard.

Amazing Lesson Plans for Preschool and Kindergarten thanks to interactive whiteboard

There are lessons with words and pictures to make reading and writing easier. The kids can even write with their fingers on the Smartboard to help them getting the “feel” for the word. Writing doesn’t need to be hard for the little ones.learn more at

It is important to make learning fun for the kids in preschool and kindergarten. This is where they are starting to learn that learning isn’t hard and that learning doesn’t mean boring. There are fun ways of learning that a teacher can incorporate when she has an interactive smartboard in her classroom.

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